01 April 2013

Submitting add-ons to a central XBMC repository - Notes


Install git on your machine ( http://git-scm.com/)

 1. Check in the add-on solution into GitHub
 2. Subscribe to the XBMC Add-ons Mailing List

 3. Send email to

Instructions how to submit xbmc add-on to a central xbmc repository:

Example of the Email

Subject: [Xbmc-addons] [Git Pull] XBMC-[name]Plugin
addon -   plugin.[name]
version - 1.2.6
url - git://github.com/../[name].git
branch - master
xbmc version - dharma 10.1 

1) No .pyc files.

2)  Add English summary and description.
you can use <summary lang="en">..</summary> and <summary lang="ru">...</summary>
(and same for description)

3) Add LICENSE.txt

4) See

5) Use an ID compatible with the convention, i.e  plugin.somthing.something .
This is the place holder at the add-on in the repository.

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