31 March 2013

PlayOn Plug-In - Developer Notes 

The plugin was written in C# with  PlayOn Plugin API

Project structure

Util.dll (v2.0.50727)
Web References
Key classes
PlayOnPluginProvider - Contains the main logic that creates folders and loads the content using old or new API.
PlayOnPluginSettings - Contains the settings, those are visible when the pluging is open by playon.

Plugin settings
PlayOnPluginSettings.Description - "balalla"
PlayOnPluginSettings.Name - "CompanyName"
PlayOnPluginProvider.Name - "CompanyName"

+ logo


Compile the plugin and rename the output *.dll to *.plugin
Copy *.plugin to
C:\Program Files (x86)\MediaMall\plugins
  • This is automated in the project properties Build Events, make sure to change the paths if required in order to compile
Pre-build event command line: 
del $(TargetDir)[name].plugin /F

Post-build event command line:

ren $(TargetDir)[name].dll [name].plugin 
del "C:\Program Files (x86)\MediaMall\plugins\[name].plugin" 
copy $(TargetDir)\[name].plugin "C:\Program Files (x86)\MediaMall\plugins"


The ChannelPackager.exe will package *.plugin into *.pwn

Developer Guide

Download the ChannelPackager from
PlayOn Plugin API

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